Sunday, April 15, 2007

Help needed in Temecula

I got this in the e-mail from our friends in Temecula:

I believe in the war in Iraq.  It has kept the terrorists busy trying to kill our armed soldiers there for about 5 years instead of trying to kill our unarmed citizens here in America over the same time period.  We went into Iraq with the best of intentions in spite of the lies by the Democrats about Bush using false information.  Bill Clinton had the same intel and came to the same conclusion 2 years earlier and that conclusion was that Saddam had WMD.  One of Saddam's generals, Georges Sada, said that WMD was moved from Iraq to Syria just before the war.

So, if you want to keep terrorism in check, then support us counter the anti-war group in Murrieta.  Join us across the street from the old "Community House" which is across the street from the Washington street post office from 4 to 5 today and every Friday.

Hopefully our friends in Temecula could provide more details.
I realize that this is hard to do on Fridays, but if anybody can do this, it would be nice.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Why we do what we do - a reminder

This site is designed for announcing Protest Warrior events in San Diego and publishing after-action reports.  So, normally news items or opinion pieces should not appear here: we should use our personal blogs for that.  However, this particular article is a great reminder of why our mission is so important and why the only excuse for not being involved at all should be an actual combat deployment (yes, I really think that).

...Carl von Clausewitz is the father of modern strategic thought. His experience was in the Napoleonic Wars, at the dawn of the industrial revolution, but he did not discuss technology. He assumed that armies would acquire whatever weapons were available in pursuit of the traditional objective of war, "to compel our enemy to do our will." When determining the power of an adversary, he notes two "inseparable factors, viz, the total means at his disposal and the strength of his will." With 300 million people and a $14 trillion economy, U.S. means are unrivaled by any combination of enemies in the Middle East. The weakness is in America's will to mobilize adequate resources to sustain the kind of campaign needed to grind down a fanatical opponent. This is the weakness that the enemy has targeted with success. The high civilization of post-modern America seems unable to stand up to the ruthless exponents of Dark Age doctrines.

The eminent British military historian Jeremy Black reconfirms Clausewitz in his study War in the 21st Century, arguing that war "involves a constant– the willingness of organized groups to kill and, in particular, risk death." Material factors are "less important than its social, cultural and political context." In other words, the home front is the decisive theater of war (emphasis mine - Eric). American forces that are superior in the overseas theaters of combat may be defeated, not by any failure of those who are there  risking death, but by the betrayal of those who are consumed by domestic luxuries and cannot bring themselves to think about the brutal realities of a dangerous world.


Today, the U.S. Congress is a quarrelsome place. Proposals to micro-manage the Iraq War show no consistent thought or grasp of strategy. Fight al-Qaeda, but no other foes. Support the troops, but don't let them win before they are pulled out at some arbitrary date. The only unifying themes are partisanship and political ambition. This is the behavior that doomed democratic Athens, and which will render all the marvelous new military technology useless.

Please read it all.  And please participate in our counter-protests in the future.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Exclusive Saddam Interview

Dear Readers,

In the most sensational interview of the year, I had the opportunity to speak with Saddam Hussein, the former president of Iraq. This coup was made possible by his attendance at a local “antiwar” rally in San Diego, California on March 17th. I couldn’t believe my luck when Saddam agreed to the interview. Since I was completely unprepared I had to dash over to Office Depot and purchase a digital voice recorder for the occasion.

You would think that being executed and sentenced to eternal damnation would bring him down, but Saddam was very upbeat during the interview. He actually appeared to be just a bit giggly after sharing a joint with some protesters. However, the seriousness of his situation should have overpowered the intoxicating effects of the drug. Instead he presided over the protest like a ringmaster without a care in the world. It was an awe inspiring moment.

PW: Saddam Hussein thank you for agreeing to this interview. It’s been a long time since your last media appearance so I am honored that you chose Protest Warrior for this exclusive. What brings you to this protest today?

SH: It’s good to be here with my loyal minions. I came here today to meet my good friend Ramsey Clark and all of my friends at the National Lawyers Guild. They have worked tirelessly on my behalf and now they are holding this protest in order to free all political prisoners that are currently being held captive in hell. Bless their bleeding hearts!

PW: Last I heard you were hanged by the neck until dead and condemned to eternal damnation. How did you get out of hell?

SH: My dark master Lucifer let me out on a special furlough to recruit more souls. I had to deal with a lot of bureaucracy and paper work to get out just for one day, but there are many souls to harvest here.

PW: Saddam these are peace loving hippies that you are talking about. Why would they be damned to hell?

SH: Oh no, you don’t understand. They can all go to hell.

Our entire middle management in the underworld is comprised of liberals and socialists. Many people are under the old misconception that physical torture is used as punishment in hell, but it hasn’t been this way in over a hundred years. No, we torture the damned through litigation and bureaucracy.

Lawyers from the National Lawyers Guild and the ACLU have taken over the reigns of the Ministry of Torture to increase the suffering of hell’s inmates. In addition we have recently built the Lynne Stewart University of Malpractice which will be the cornerstone of Satan’s program to produce a ratio of five lawyers for each condemned soul.

PW: That’s terrible! But I think physical torture would still be worse.

SH: Don’t doubt the diabolical schemes of our infernal master. In hell there are no double jeopardy rules and you are forced to appeal every court case or lawsuit. Litigation never ends. There are cases that have lasted for over a hundred years. The only way to raise your status as a demon and protect yourself from frivolous litigation is to recruit legions of lawyers. I was lucky enough to have the support of all of them.

Over-regulation and excessive-taxation are also instruments of torture. Pesticides and GM foods are banned, while excessive tariffs and subsidies kill free trade. This means that our third world inmates suffer from massive amounts of starvation. In hell you can starve, but you can’t die!

Our Dark Lord is a genius. As the dictator of Iraq I never thought of such a diabolical scheme. Lord Satan had me recruit activists from Greenpeace and the Earth Liberation Front to run the Ministry of Starvation and they have made impressive gains to increase the suffering, while lowering carbon emissions by .001%.

PW: I see what you mean. That is particularly disturbing. Do you think that you will have any luck recruiting “peace” activists today?

SH: Oh I already have. These people have served me faithfully as human shields and have even represented me in court. Whenever I have needed them they have protested on my behalf because they love me. Today I have been handing out my delicious Yellowcake Cupcakes made with a special uranium recipe that I got from Niger. So you can see that I have them eating out of my hands.

Not only do protesters like anti-American dictators, but they love their recipes too.

PW: Many people at this protest believe that the U.S. should withdraw from Iraq. What are your thoughts about this?

SH: I absolutely agree. The illegal invasion and occupation over my beloved Iraq should be reversed so my loyal Baath Party members can seize control. Then President Bush needs to be impeached and sent to hell in my place.

You Americans missed a good chance for peace and to set me free when you failed to elect John Kerry. Now it is necessary to let the bloody purges begin.

PW: It turns out that John Kerry is washed up these days. Since he pretty much dedicated his rhetoric to undermining the U.S. presence in Iraq, he almost brought down the United States with him. Do you think that he helped your cause?

SH: Kerry is a great American patriot so I took the example of Communist Vietnam and honored him. After Kerry helped the Communists seize South Vietnam they placed a picture of him in a museum for anti-war protesters in Ho Chi Min City. So when my master promoted me to Lucifer’s Minion First Class I began construction on my own museum to honor those antiwar protesters that have supported me so faithfully. I had it painted pink and hired Che Guevara as my curator. Please visit when you are in town. It’s hard to miss because it is right next to Disney’s Lake of Fire Amusement Park.

PW: Over the years you issued several orders to hunt down and kill American civilians, but now you are honoring them. Do you regret issuing such statements?

SH: There is nothing that I could say or do that would cause the antiwar movement to dump me. President Bush is our common enemy so I could run free and kill anyone that I want, but your protesters would still support me. When my insurgents kill women and children do these protesters blame me? No they blame Bush. Your people do not hate me, they hate Bush. I came so close to defeating America and that’s why the CIA killed me.

PW: Saddam - You invaded Kuwait, your troops got routed, your government fell and you were captured and executed… Do you think that you made a bigger mistake than President Bush?

SH: Bush should have minded his own business because now he will have to answer to the anger of the American people who rally behind my sovereign nation. Don’t forget that even though I am dead, I am still the President of Iraq!!!

Even in death I was made to be a martyr by my supporters here in the United States. My Baathist legions and the Democratic Party stand united to end the unjust American occupation. All the bombs and RPGs in the world cannot stop the American army, but we don’t need to… you can defeat yourself. Ha haa haaaaa haaaaa.

PW: President Hussein we have run out of time, but I’d like to say that you strike me as a thoughtful and sensitive leader and I am sure that we will get you out of prison. Please have faith in the American people.

SH: I do have faith, but you should forget all about the people that I killed and the people that I was going to kill. It’s all about Bush, blame him for my violence! Remember that the only path to get elected to public office in the United States is through support for my cause. Just leave the Iraqi people alone so that my henchmen can kill them quietly. Thank you for this wonderful protest.

A special audio excerpt of the interview with Saddam is included here, followed by an official press release by the demon Belial, Hell’s Minister of Information.

Monday, March 19, 2007

More on Weekend Protests

This weekend marked the fourth anniversary of the liberation of Iraq. Leftwing protesters were particularly angry at the lack of progress in their efforts to hand over that country to the Baathist Party and Al Qaeda. In downtown San Diego they held a rally with hundreds of protesters and only about a dozen Protest Warriors came to oppose them. We didn’t know it at the time, but in Washington DC our Gathering of Eagles counter-protest was faring much better than we were doing here in San Diego. The moonbats seriously miscalculated by holding their protest at the Veterans Memorial in DC. Thousands of patriots were inspired to protect the monument from being hijacked by these protesters, the majority of whom smear our veterans that have served in Iraq.

We would have been encouraged to know about what was happening in DC, but it didn’t matter because our spirits were really high due to our sense of humor and the inspiration that comes from the ignorance of many of our opponents. We had a small contingent of Marines that joined us and it is ironic that after serving multiple tours in Iraq they now found themselves under attack by American insurgents. Yet they seemed to love the attention. We wound up being the last people to leave the rally site just so we could hang out and socialize for awhile. It was great fun.

The only differences between last year and this year’s protest is that the rally was held in a new location and there were fewer protesters this time around. Otherwise, it was the same old thing. As a matter of fact this demonstration seemed to be stuck in 2004. For some reason they set up a voter registration booth and handed out John Kerry for President bumper stickers. Perhaps they thought that it was better than being stuck in the sixties.

As always the protest was a great opportunity to recruit new members for the International Socialist Organization and make some money selling trashy books. “Peace” protesters have become adept at showcasing “antiwar” veterans and their relatives in order to hide the fact that it is leftwing radicals who really drive the movement.

In spite of the fact that the keffiyeh scarf is an icon of Palestinian terrorism, it has become the most favored fashion accessory for those protesting against “terrorism” by the U.S. government. I was a bit disappointed that this year there was no booth set up exclusively to sell terrorist scarves like there was last time.

At least there was plenty of beautifully packaged Communist propaganda for our consumption. If you need books on Marxist ideology, fragging U.S. soldiers or stories of rabble rousers looking to cash in on their activism - it was all for sale here at the ISO booth. Those Communists sure are aggressive entrepreneurs. (If you don’t know what fragging is, its the act of a soldier killing one of his fellow soldiers on the battlefield. That’s how some “peace” activists believe we should support our troops. )

For those of you who really like the truth and I mean really, really like the truth - you will be glad to know that the San Diegans for 9/11 Truth were on hand to expose the government’s lies about those attacks. There are millions of conspirators that are keeping silent in order to protect President Bush and this plot seems to get more and more insidious as 9/11 fades into memory. The 911 Truth Movement was actually inspired by the research of Dr. Albert Hofmann, the creator of LSD.

In 1943 he conducted research on himself to test the drug’s hallucinogenic properties. He stated;

“Everything in the room spun around, and the familiar objects and pieces of furniture assumed grotesque, threatening forms. They were in continuous motion, animated, as if driven by an inner restlessness.

The lady next door, whom I scarcely recognized, brought me milk in the course of the evening and I drank more than two liters. She was no longer Mrs. R., but rather a malevolent, insidious witch with a colored mask. Even worse than the demonic transformations of the outer world, were the alterations that I perceived in myself, in my inner being. Every exertion of my will, every attempt to put an end to the disintegration of the outer world and the dissolution of my ego, seemed to be wasted effort.

A demon had invaded me, had taken possession of my body, mind, and soul. I jumped up and screamed, trying to free myself from him, but then sank down again and lay helpless on the sofa.”

Hofmann’s LSD experience is recreated every time someone visits the display booth set up by the Truthers at an “anti-war” protest. Such mass hysteria is well suited for the “peace” movement. On their website there is a quote from an anonymous 9/11 Truth member that really sums things up, “The truth about 9/11 is that we don’t know the truth.” …After .25 mg of lysergic acid diethylamide tartrate it’s no small wonder why this activist can’t grasp the truth.

As you can imagine there were quite a few speakers at the event who bashed the U.S. at every opportunity. In comparison the Baathists and Al Qaeda were barely mentioned and you could have forgotten that they even existed.

In addition to the speakers there were entertainers as well and I was amused by a particularly energetic duo that performed some rap poetry in the vein of Gil Scott Heron or the Last Poets. They dished out some hardcore paranoia at a pace that was too rapid for me to jot down on paper. My attempt to keep up with their tourettes session led me to regret not bringing a voice recorder and finally give up transcribing their words.

I only caught pieces of what was said, but if I transcribe all of it into one poem it makes about as much sense as their fully composed pieces…

Revolution is the solution.
Revolution is the solution.
For this fucked up system

We are stuck in the barrios
They feed us chemicals to our brains

We are the seeds of resistance
AmeriKKKa, AmeriKKKa

A common theme at this event was that our liberties are being stolen and our government is led by a fascist dictatorship. When I challenged a protester who expressed these views he just walked away. The man couldn’t be bothered to describe how the Bush Administration is taking away our rights.

Typically, a repressive regime bans the freedom of expression that ironically these protesters have been exercising.

A fascist dictatorship allows no other political parties except for its own. However, in November of 2006 the Democratic Party won a majority in the House of Representatives and Senate. There weren’t any notable accusations of a stolen election because conservatives are all grown up now.

Speaking of which, I have some pictures of Protest Warriors that were present at the protest to counter the Leftwing/Islamist propaganda machine.

Eric was the glue that kept us focused.

Once again Bob took the long drive from Temecula to pitch in.

Ryan enjoyed going solo behind enemy lines.

Osama bin Laden campaigned for his favorite candidate. You can see where some moonbat protesters tore the sign.

The presence of Protest Warriors is always guaranteed to provoke the peaceniks so there was plenty of arguing and debating.

Surrounded by protesters our Marines stood strong.

Gloria Davidson from Veterans for Peace doesn’t like it when other veterans don’t hate President Bush and the Iraqi reconstruction the way she claims they do.

A long, drawn out debate that ended in a handshake.

A leftwing activist finally finds the guts to confront Osama bin Laden.

After a hard day of fighting the power a Socialist protester shows off some butt crack and retires for the evening.

Stay tuned for the next part of this weekend’s protest coverage. I will be posting an exclusive interview with Saddam Hussein. You haven’t heard the last of that genocidal dictator…

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Protest Warrior action in San Diego

Yesterday was a Saturday and a day of big leftist demonstrations all over the country.  Ever since the start of combat in Iraqi theater of the war against Islamo-Fascism the leftists mark the anniversary of the start of the hostilities on the Saturday closest to March 19, the date on which the current hostilities started.  In Washington, DC, the Left was countered by the Gathering of Eagles, a counter-demonstration organized by a group of Vietnam War veterans in order to protect the Vietnam War Memorial from the violent and destructive representatives of the Left.  Needless to say, Vietnam veterans were not the only ones there.  Protest Warriors and Move America Forward also showed up in force.  They apparently had a great success in DC: preliminary estimates are that there were about 30 thousands people on the side of Freedom and that they out-numbered the Left by a ratio of 3 to 1.

The leftists here in San Diego have also come out to play, and the San Diego Chapter of Protest Warrior was ready to oblige them with a counter-rally.  Unfortunately, here in San Diego attendance by our side still leaves a lot to be desired, so we were out-numbered, as usual.  There was maybe about a dozen of us total, including some marines who served multiple tours in Iraq.  Nevertheless we got some news coverage by Channel 8Channel 10 also covered us, but they were horribly biased: when our marines were attacked by the leftists, they made it look like it was marines' fault and they were being arrested by police.  In fact, as Channel 8 correctly reported, police had to drive the marines to the destination of the demonstration in order to protect them.  The guy who attacked the marines was on a bicycle, wearing a Palestinian scarf over his face.  As a side note, when he rode by me, I called him "Nazi".  He heard it and, I am sure, was shocked: he did not expect that.  But he rode on.  Channel 10 still has a video on their site.

We had a visitor from Hell:

He was passing out yummy yellow cake cupcakes.  Here is a close-up of the left-overs:

There are some people who still think that there were no links between Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda.  This picture proves otherwise:

Looks like Osama supports Obama for 08.  In al seriousness, even the 9/11 Commission Report admitted that there were links between the two.  It was one of our marines dressed up as Osama bin Laden.

John interviewed Saddam:

Hopefully he will post the audio on this site. Our marines engaged in a spirited debate with the leftists:

While the marines were presenting arguments based on facts and experience, the leftists resorted to calling them brainwashed idiots, demonstrating their "support for the troops".  I actually got to talk to a guy who was reasonable.  He acknowledged that he did not have a solution for the situation in Iraq and that just pulling out would not be a good idea.  When I suggested that more troops might be needed, he agreed that it would be a solution, but insisted that there were no more troops available.

Finally, here are some more pictures of our marines, who, while on a break from combat, enter the battle of public opinion:

I can't even begin to express my gratitude to these guys.

In conclusion, I have to say that we were successful, despite pretty low turnout.  We got the news coverage, and the leftists got pretty pissed off because of that.  We had some fun and we got into the leftists' faces and rattled their cages.  I have to say that comparing them to Nazis and calling them "Nazi sympathizers" is effective at this point because they don't expect that, and it bothers them.  Over all, it was a good operation.  I just wish there were more of us.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

March 17 Counter-rally - updated

The leftists are planning a big demonstration on March 17 all over the country. That includes Downtown San Diego. For details on their plans go to Here is their flier.
Are you ready to be counted? We need to counter the defeatist message with our own demonstration in support of Victory. We have to make it obvious to the media, to our friends and foes alike, that there are Americans who do not support defeat and surrender. This Global War has a mission for everybody. Those of us, who do not carry guns as members of American or Allied Armed Forces, have to participate in the battle of public opinion.
The details of the operation will follow. For now just mark your calendars and prepare to be there roughly from 1pm to 4pm.
If you are planning to participate, sign up to San Diego Chapter of Protest Warrior message board at, as well as San Diego Chapter of Protest Warrior at
You can also e-mail us at, as well as leave a comment on this blog.
Hope to see you there.

Update on 3/8/07:
For now the plan is to meet in front of the NBC building on Broadway at 12:30pm. We'll go from there.