Sunday, April 15, 2007

Help needed in Temecula

I got this in the e-mail from our friends in Temecula:

I believe in the war in Iraq.  It has kept the terrorists busy trying to kill our armed soldiers there for about 5 years instead of trying to kill our unarmed citizens here in America over the same time period.  We went into Iraq with the best of intentions in spite of the lies by the Democrats about Bush using false information.  Bill Clinton had the same intel and came to the same conclusion 2 years earlier and that conclusion was that Saddam had WMD.  One of Saddam's generals, Georges Sada, said that WMD was moved from Iraq to Syria just before the war.

So, if you want to keep terrorism in check, then support us counter the anti-war group in Murrieta.  Join us across the street from the old "Community House" which is across the street from the Washington street post office from 4 to 5 today and every Friday.

Hopefully our friends in Temecula could provide more details.
I realize that this is hard to do on Fridays, but if anybody can do this, it would be nice.

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